Short Stories

Here are some of my short stories that are out in the world.

Messengers, The Yale Review, Summer, 2022

The Shame Exchange, The Yale Review, January, 2019

The New Order, Electric Literature, November, 2018

The Elevator, Guernica, October, 2018

“For What Purpose?” Guernica, October 1, 2014

  • “This Cat,” Narrative, October, 2013
  • “Sent,” Narrative, May 2013
  • The Visit,“ The Harvard Review, Summer, 2012
  • “What the Cat Said,” The Harvard Review, Fall, 2008
  • Reunion,” Ploughshares, Fall, 2007
  • “Candidate,” Ecotone, Summer, 2007, repinted in New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best 2008.
  • “Theft,” The Harvard Review, Fall, 2005, reprinted in Best American Mystery Stories 2006.
  • “Uck,” Witness, Fall, 2005
  • The Visiting Child,” Granta, Fall, 2005.
  • “Refund,” Ploughshares, Spring, 2005, reprinted in Pushcart Prize XXXI, Best of the Small Presses, 2007.
  • “Riches,” Sunday Express Magazine (London), October, 2001
  • “Anything For Money,” Zoetrope, September, 2001, reprinted in Zoetrope All-Story 2
  • “The Fourth Prussian Dynasty,” The New Yorker, Sept. 13, 1999
  • “Robbery,”, Summer, 1998
  • “The Dinner Party,” Story, Summer 1998
  • “Eternal Love,” Granta, Fall 1996, reprinted in Best American Short Stories 1997.
  • “Talk to Me Jenny,” The Kenyon Review, Summer 1993
  • “A Chick From My Dream Life,” The Iowa Review, Fall 1992, reprinted in Pushcart Press XVIII, Best of the Small Presses
  • Bookriot listed my story “Where to Hide in a Synagogue,” from my collection The New Order, in a list of Best Short Stories. You can read the list here.

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  • Two of my stories have been read as part of the Selected Shorts program at Symphony Space in New York . You can visit “Selected Shorts” here.
  • Eternal Love” was read by Joanne Woodward at Symphony Space on May 20,1998.
  • The Fourth Prussian Dynasty” was read by Frances Sternhagen at Symphony Space on  May 31, 2000.
  • You can buy “For Better and For Worse,” a CD that includes Joanne Woodward’s reading of “Eternal Love” here.
  • Actress Deni Scofield reads my story, “The Third Child,” for Stories on Stage in Sacramento. You can see the reading here.
  • LeVar Burton reads my story, “The Cell Phones,” for his podcast series, LeVar Burton Reads. You can listen to the story here.