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Teaching Zoom Workshops through the 1455 Literary Arts site

04 Sep 2020

Starting this month, I’m going to be teaching some drop-in and ongoing writing classes through 1455. The schedule for September and October is here–check back for updates!

The 14:55 Interview

21 Aug 2020

I really enjoyed talking to Sean Murphy, Director of 1455 Literary Arts, in this interview about reading and the writing life. You can watch the interview here.

Zoom Talk at 1455 Literary Festival

19 Jun 2020

I’ll be participating in the 1455 Literary Festival this year. On July 18, at 4 pm, I’ll be giving a Zoom talk about my essay, “If You Have These Traits, You May Be A Writer,” as well as my 10 Commandments for Becoming a Writer. The festival events are free. Join us! The link is here.

“The Shame Exchange” wins a Pushcart Prize

05 Jun 2020

I’m honored that my story “The Shame Exchange,” which appeared in The Yale Review online, has won a Pushcart prize and will be reprinted in Pushcart Prize XLV: Best of the Small Presses.

Zoom fundraiser class raised $1,361!

25 Apr 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Zoom creative writing class on sensory detail; we raised $1,361 for Feeding Southwest Virginia. Check back for more classes, fundraisers, and regular craft classes and one-month workshops. Updates in the Editorial Services page on the website.

Free Zoom Creative Writing Class to raise money for Feeding Southwest Virginia

12 Apr 2020

I’m running a free 1 hour Zoom class to raise money for Feeding Southwest Virginia. The class will be April 25 at 2 pm. EST. Make a donation to Feeding SW VA, send me a receipt of your donation through a message through my Contact page and I’ll send you the link and materials for the class. We’ll be talking about sensory detail, reading a Cheever story and doing fun in-class exercises. Here’s a link to donate. Message me with any questions!

My story, “The Cell Phones” was reprinted in Weston Magazine.

19 Feb 2020

My short story, “The Cell Phones,” which appears in my collection “The New Order,” was just reprinted by Weston magazines.

On panel “What to Write (and Read) in the Age of Trump” at Museum of Literature in Dublin

01 Jan 2020

I loved being part of a panel with Aleksander Hemon and Chris Beckett, moderated by Dolores Resano, at the Museum of Literature in Dublin on December 14, discussing “What to Write and Read in the Age of Trump.” I discussed the journal Scoundrel Time, where I’m Fiction Editor, and shared some of our journal’s wonderful work.

Keynote speech at conference at Clinton Institute of American Studies, University of Dublin

01 Jan 2020

I was thrilled to be a Keynote speaker on December 14, 2019, at the Clinton Institute of American Studies at the University of Dublin for the conference, “Alternative Realities: New Challenges for American Literature in the Age of Trump.” My talk was: “Fiction as Warning, Witness and Mirror: Reading from Stories from The New Order.”

My story “Refund” discussed in essay collection, “Neoliberalism and Contemporary American Literature.”

19 Dec 2019

“Refund” was discussed in an essay, “Fictions of Human Capital; Or, Redemption in Neoliberal Times,” by Christian P. Haines, in the essay collection, “Neoliberalism and Contemporary American Literature” edited by Liam Kennedy and Stephen Shapiro.

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